Myles Mellor is a full-time professional crossword puzzle writer who is internationally published and one of the most successful puzzle writers in America today. Currently publishing 80 crossword puzzles per month, reaching over 2 million people, his work has delighted and intrigued the readers of over 1,000 magazines, newspapers and websites as well as being featured on numerous mobile devices.

He creates crosswords and other puzzles on themes for all types of magazines, websites, companies, publishers and advertising agencies as well as personal puzzles for executives, celebrities and any interested individuals. His puzzles are used both as regular daily, weekly or monthly content as well as for special occasions such as weddings, conferences, anniversaries and holidays.

He syndicates newspaper style crosswords, word searches, sudokus and develops locally based crosswords to over 100 newspapers in the US and internationally.

He creates theme crossword puzzles on an unlimited range of subjects, working with editors and publishers in hundreds of fields to use their terminology and cutting edge terms in the puzzles.

His humor and ingenuity has continued to please his fans and crossword competitions based on his work have attracted considerable reader interest.

Working through Simon and Schuster, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and many other top publishers, he has published to date 35 books of crosswords and other puzzles.

He has published over 12,000 crosswords and other puzzles over a 15 year period.