“Thank you, we enjoyed it too. We always get great feedback on your crossword puzzles! I’ve seen bankers doing them during our annual convention.”
Publisher, American Community Bankers

“I consider Myles’ work excellent to say the least…”
David L Hoyt, creator of Jumble puzzles and syndicated national crossword writer with Tribune Media Services.

“I loved the puzzle”
Laura Hull Editor LA Architect

“Your puzzles are great…”
Kathleen Ring, Editor Home Brew

“We have had a good response from our readers regarding your crosswords…”
Justin Snyder Western RV News

“Great job on the January crossword. We’d liked it so much we’d like to keep it going for February.”
Stephen Hanks, Energy Times

“We have been working with a puzzle constructor who develops audience specific content for magazines, and this inaugural certainly fits that genre. As a huge crossword fan myself, I felt it could be a way of adding some interest and value to the reader’s experience.”
Jeffrey Marshall, Editor-in-chief “Financial Executive”

“Our sponsors are happy. It is working. Let’s keep it going.”
Publisher International Watch Magazine

“I would like one for our April issue. I think these puzzles are a nice addition to the magazine and I’d like to keep them at least for the next few months as I gauge readers’ reactions.”
Richard Koreto Wealth Management Magazine

“I wanted to thank you for your contribution to the magazine; the crossword has been a fun feature for the readership and has contributed well to the magazine”
Greg Enright, Editor, IT World Canada

“Well, how would you like another challenge in your mailbox every month? Say, a surveying-themed crossword puzzle, for instance? I’ve long been a fan of crosswords, even in the midst of the sudoku craze. I don’t think those 9 digits would be too interesting after a year or two. But words-they’re another story. After all, we surveyors are often described as communicators, and words are one of our primary communication tools. Our crosswords will be built by a Californian named Myles Mellor. He actually does crosswords for a living, and his puzzles have appeared in several magazines. Myles’ specialty is themed puzzles, like ours. I’ve always enjoyed crosswords with offbeat or humorous clues and answers. Here’s an example of one I thought especially imaginative: the clue: ‘levels or surgery?’ Bet you can’t get it without filling in some blanks first!”
Editor, Professional Surveyor magazine

“Everything worked out really well!! I will definitely reach out to you with our next crossword request, Myles. It’s been an absolute pleasure!! Thanks again!”
Shanel Odum – Vibe Magazine

“The puzzles seemed to be a big hit and I am just thrilled!”
Marta Bright – Oracle Convention Dailies Editor

“Just wanted to update you on how the MasterCard website did when the Crossword puzzle was introduced. Traffic, visitors and hits from the week before the crossword was posted to the week following all approximately tripled. Great news! We are very happy with the results.”
Justine Anbeek – MacLAREN McCANN Advertising Agency