How process works

Editors like to work in different ways and here are some examples:

  • You can make lists of words or personalities or companies you want included in the crossword puzzle and Myles will create the crossword puzzle based on these.
  • You can send over upcoming articles on which the crossword puzzle will be based to ensure the puzzle matches the subject matter of the current issue.
  • You can send back issues and website links for Myles to research and produce the crossword puzzles himself.
  • You can simply ask for a crossword puzzle on a specific theme and Myles will research it and produce a puzzle for you.
  • Myles is very willing to make any needed changes to crossword puzzles as needed to ensure you are happy with them.
  • Invoices are sent electronically and are payable according to your magazine’s procedures on this- either on acceptance or publication. Checks and payment stubs should reference the invoice numbers of crossword puzzles sent where possible.
  • Crossword puzzles can be used in many ways. A puzzle can be included in the print edition of the magazine and the solution on the website, to encourage website traffic.
  • Interactive puzzles can be published and solved on the website. Ads can be placed close to the puzzles.
  • Conferences and trade shows are great for crossword puzzles to educate and amuse your clients.
  • Crosswords can be used as educational aids. Texas A and M University used one of Myles puzzles as an exam for sociology students.
  • Crossword puzzles can be provided for advertisers – see the Pepsi crossword puzzle as an example.
  • Advertisers are often interested in sponsoring crossword puzzles to promote their brands and also get advertising messages across.